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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wounds turn into Wisdom

Wisdom is gained through age and life experiences but it can also increase if we apply a little effort. We are wise to the things that once challenged us and we are aware of our limitations over time.  As my life has progressed over the years my priorities have changed and my expectations have become realistic.

When we start off as children we dream. We long to be everything we envision in our minds. We are fickle and full of gumption. For some of us dreaming never ceases. It is simply the dreams that change. The most important thing in life to hold on to is hope. Hope is the fuel that keeps us driving and picking up passengers along the way. Those passengers manifest into wisdom. We also become passengers and teach as much as we learn.

 Life is a series of choices. One choice after the other from the most minute detail to the life changing moments when we decide our own fate. Over time we experience grief and pain that can leave us jaded in one way or another. We cannot allow fear to control us. We can however use the wisdom we acquired from those tragedies to set boundaries and rules in place to protect our feelings or to minimize our risk.

Over the course of a lifetime we also experience a lot of joy and love. These experiences create euphoric memories that we will never forget.  Often enough we are afraid to let our guards down and love due to failed relationships in the past. While these euphoric feelings are so amazing we often remember the pain of them going away and many simply do not want to risk it. It is important to realize that without risk there is no gain.

 It is important to open up to people and share our lives with one another. If we do this we will often find that everyone has a story to share.  Everyone has a bit of wisdom and life experience as well as a completely difference perspective on relatable circumstances. Strength comes in numbers and in love. Do not let fear hold you back. If you are not living then you are not gaining wisdom. You are dying within yourself and you are selfishly denying the world of a beautiful soul.