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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Be Careful

She enchants you with her enigmatic waves of emotion
intriguing you with her indifference
The way she smiles and seemingly stares into your soul
You want to be the one who figures out exactly who she is
Your words fall short to impress her
and she playfully dismisses your charm
You catch a glimpse here and there of pain in her eyes
but just like that she distracts you with a battle of wits
You feel a desire growing within you to know what shes thinking
it quickly grows into a wildfire consuming all logic
She reads to you incerpts until you beg to know every chapter
She is the type of girl who needs space to breathe
She needs room to fly
When she feels contained she gets frightened
She has felt pain no one should endure
She has heard words that have destroyed her faith in love
She has seen things that haunt her dreams at night
You find yourself loathing the day you ever met her
She's disappeared like a brief rain on a summer day
You think of her from time to time and search for her
In time she may land again and you'll have so much to say
She may explain who she is and why her walls are high
She may warn you that she's no good for you
You'll be helpless to listen and mistake it for fear
Your expectations and pursuit will drive you insane
You can't have a heart like hers. You may only hold it for a while.
You'll grow to hate her but for what? She told you who she was
Your conquest broke your heart not she.