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Monday, June 24, 2013

His Arms

I want to fall into arms that open to hold me
I want to feel them wrap around me tightly so that I feel safe
I want to hide there to escape everything
I want those arms to be home
Home is where the heart is
These arms I see in my dreams dry my tears
Im nestled in an embrace that protects me
When I'm there nothing can touch me and nothing else matters
Im there breathing him into my soul
Im there thanking God for bringing a knight to keep me safe
I'm there appreciating these arms that hold me and work so hard to provide
When I'm there my past is forgotten
I can only see forward into a future of happiness
In those arms I find the peace and joy that I've sought forever
Those arms hold me so tightly that my body remembers and I can feel it even when he lets go
I'm better in those arms
Once I'm in them I intend to never let go
When I'm wrapped tight in those arms my lips rest against his heart
I whisper to it everything I feel
Not only do these arms provide a shelter from everything in the world
He creates a little corner in his heart for me to hide
This security is something people long for
Everyone wants to see the extension of arms
Open arms display vulnerability and expose the truth
Open arms display trust and loyalty
You see as I'm wrapped in these arms mine are open and wrapped around his back
Thats where I intend to always be
Right behind him supporting him as he leads me
He leads me because he is the man I've been seeking
For that I will forever be submissive to his every want and need