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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beyond my Crimson lips

Look at me she whispered
Yet no words actually escaped her lips
they seemingly shouted from the canyons in her soul
See me! Don't you dare look right through me
Don't dismiss this moment
Do you want to see me
To know me
To crave me like your next breath
Can you not gaze deeper than my crimson lips
Your eyes dance upon the curves of my breasts
they wander from my hips to my neck
aimlessly searching for a point of contact
What are you thinking right now?
Do you have any idea how far away I am from you right now
I ache for you to step inside and search for me
Unpack my things
Place them on shelves as conversation pieces over dinner
tidy up the place will you
Call for me
Shout my name down the corridors of my heart
Seek me as if I were the conquest to complete your existence
Seek me and make me your home
Seek me and you shall find me rather easily
I hide among shadows of hope
I ache for your pursuit
My God can't you smell the desperation like sulfur
My voice is cracked and I am covered in ash
from all that burns around me
Do not then focus on my lips of playful red ribbons
Don't reach out and touch the curls that dance from collar down my back
Reach out and take my hand and I will guide you
If you tire I will rest beside you until love restores your strength
until love restores your passion
until the flames of your desire to really know the depths of where I came from are burning within
If you find that the journey is too long or too burdensome
then I will bid you farewell with a kiss that will tattoo your heart forever
but you will see me and once you do you can never forget me
and that is what makes loneliness bearable
Names I may never know, words I may have forgotten and scars that may never heal
whisper my name beneath the moon
yet just like my words they never really escape your lips
I am held captive within you and you want nothing more than to set me free
but there I am and just as your soul cries out for me
I cry out for this love that will quench the thirst inside of me
the tears roll down my face to the place that tears seem to go
and just as you cant understand why you long for me
I remember you and countless others who walked away from me
left me standing there burning with relentless pain
waiting patiently just to be seen once again