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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Weathered Storms

As I sit here tonight listening to the storm blowing in, I can't help but imagine our hearts feel the same way as we walk through our lives. As we encounter conflict after conflict and disappointment after disappointment the thunder begins to roll inside of us gripping our heart with great fear or anxious passion.  Some people are afraid of bad weather. When it begins to storm they worry and pray for it to pass. Others like myself love bad weather and enjoy the tranquility of it's chaos.

Storms bring new growth. Plants cant survive on sunshine alone nor can we. In order to grow we must face the rain from time to time and allow it to cleanse our soul. I don't fear the storm because I know what follows. The fact that I crave it sometimes tells a different story. My life has seemingly been one storm after another and its the only way I know how to live my life. I endure the rain. I am the umbrella that shields those around me. In a way I have romanticized the rain in the way that it gives life and cleanses everything it touches.

Without the sun there would be no rain. As the rays of sunshine dance on our shoulders and bronze our noses it enables the journey of our soon to be rain drops.  As moisture is collected from the ocean, creeks, rivers, lakes and streams that are hidden away from sight the sky is heavy with it weight. It needs to release the burden.

As we live our lives beneath the warmth of the sun it watches over us as we face heartache and loss. It shines light on the faces that cause us anger and resentment. It wakes us each morning with the relentless reminder that we have responsibilities and expectations to meet. Just like the sky we take it all in over and over. Day after day our hearts are heavy with the burdens. Some of us fear the break down and others find a familiar comfort in it.

Before long our hearts and possibly those we are closest too hear the thunder as the clouds begin to roll in shadowing all around. Just like that tears begin to fall and just like a soft afternoon shower we find healing in the release. Other times we shout in anger and hurt as a storm sweeps across our lives purging the brokenness and leaving us soaked in tears that may take days to dry. In some cases hurricanes spin out of control not only destroying us but everyone around us as we try our best to wipe away everything and start over.

Do you fear bad weather or does it excite you in ways you don't understand?