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Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Flame

So I took a little a trip a couple of days ago to visit a friend that I met online a year ago. We have chatted about our lives for quite some time. We have both given and taken advice from one another when it came to other conquests. We read each other's blogs. We bond over our need to inflict witty sarcasm upon the world. Naturally I care for this man. Well during my visit we enjoyed hours of conversation face to face rather than screen to screen. It was very natural and I enjoyed the laughter and learning about who he really was. He showed me around his hometown and we went to a quaint little sushi restaurant for dinner. He is a fireman and he mentioned how he hadn't been on a fire call in a while and he was eager for the action of it all. Not even an hour later a call came over for just that. He asked if I wanted to go...UM LEMME THINK...HECK YES!!!

The house wasn't far from my hotel and he was the first person on the scene. I was awestruck by the flames and the heat on my face just from sitting in the truck with the window down. I watch him put on his gear and go into firefighter mode. He was so calm and strategic. As the other firemen arrived on the scene they just maneuvered in such a swift and professional manner. I just stared on in awe. I said a prayer for them and I watched them fearlessly contain this raging fire. It was consuming the home there was no doubt about that from the beginning but to watch how they contain everything and tactfully restore safety was so eye opening. It wasn't until I watched him enter the house that I felt my heart sink. It wasn't until that moment when the thought crossed my mind that this man I have chatted with for a year and gotten to know could possibly not walk out of that house. I quickly dismissed that thought and replaced it with the faith that God is protecting them to do what they were designed to do. The respect in my heart for this man grew to unmeasurable levels. He selflessly puts himself in danger to do his job. When I saw him walking back to the truck almost 3 hours later, all covered in soot and water all I wanted to do was pull him close but we had never crossed that line so I dismissed the notion. As we rode back to the station I watched them recap everything that had just happened and prepare the trucks for the next call. I studied their body language and facial expressions. You could tell this was their passion. This is what they know and love. I was so proud of him.

As a child have you ever or have you ever watched someone kick an anthill of carpenter ants? We cant know what they are thinking but what we can guarantee is that they immediately go into rebuild mode. They diligently carry grains of sand one by one and work as a team to restore order once again. We can learn so much from nature. If we stop and really think about how things work then we can discover life lessons within them. Every time I see an anthill I will think of this night where I watched the man I'm seemingly falling for and the firemen he works with restore order to what seemed like an overwhelming inferno.

 Every time I pray this man and his department will forever be included because just like the ants restore order within their little compound and firefighters/police officers restore order within their jurisdictions, God restores safety and order in our lives if we just call on him. We don't have to dial 911. God knows when someone has kicked our anthill or natural disasters have destroyed it. He is simply waiting for us to reach out and accept his mercy and restoration. He is just waiting to bless us. This blessing may very well be sending a hero into our lives to make us realize why it never worked out with anyone else. We just have to be willing to allow him to guide us and not let fear hold us back.