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Friday, February 14, 2014

Poems from my Youth

I was talking about my writing with a friend today and told them I still had my journal since I was 13. I was such a deep thinker even back then. I can't say my hair was on point but we won't go there. I was an 80-90's kid. I want to share some of the things I wrote during that time of my life. 

I wrote a poem as if I were Juliet crying for help prior to her suicide with Romeo.
Juliet's voice within
Like the envious world that hath I've bestowed upon
give me a life of ultimate rapture and rebellion
Give me love for I want nothing more
When I need a way out show me the door
Kill me twice so my soul cant bleed
Give me no love when I am in need
Hold me not and kiss me no more
Rejection hath better circumstance to rise than before
So to this life I drink to thee
A girl who killed herself 
Woe is me

Not sure if this was written specifically for anyone.
I just don't know
The mountain of stone; the door of steel
can stand in my way I'd still go on
Brutal machines unbending laws
can slow me down
I'd still go on
I've learned how to deal and when to fight
I know whats real and I know whats right
I'm not afraid of wounded love
I can be tender in a world so tough
I'm sure I could face the bitter cold
but life without you 
I just don't know
The winds of the heart can blow me down
Id get right up and stand my ground
I face the fears 
Must I shed my faith?
The wasted tears of love and pain
I held you tight then pushed you away
Now with all my might 
I beg you to stay
I'm sure I cold face the bitter cold 
but life without you
I just don't know