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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You Jump. I Jump.

Hope is revived from the most unexpected revelations and discoveries. We can be at a point that seems so low in our lives that the very idea of change is unfathomable but in these moments of utter despair is when hope springs out of the ground like a sprouting of new life. In what seems like the blink of an eye someone can walk into our lives and tumble things into such beautiful disarray that we are enchanted and intrigued. It’s these moments we feel helpless and anxious at the same time. The euphoria is unexplainable and the desire for more is so overwhelming that its almost painful. It literally can take your breath away. It’s just a beautiful mess. It is in these moments that we seemingly close our eyes and free fall into this madness. The fall is beyond words and can only be detected by this glow and smile we tend to wear for the time being. People recognize this change and it is undeniable. We don’t dare deny it. How can we? Why deny something this amazing? The very thought of it going away can release a wave of fear and torment that we don’t dare entertain the thought. Rather our hearts hold on tight and ride this wave until it crashes on the shore. What lies beyond the shore we never know but we chance it. We make this journey because it’s undeniably fate. Whatever that fate may be we were meant to cross paths one way or another. A lesson to be learned or a dream to be fulfilled. A blessing or an earth shattering moment of passion. It doesn’t matter. We are helpless to it because the very idea of walking away and living with the “What if” of the moment is not something either of us want to chance. So here we are. You jump. I jump.