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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Never a Burden

I often look at the faces of people walking by.  I search for expressions that look familiar to me. Maybe I do this to not feel so alone. The truth is every single person in the world is struggling with something. To them that something is just as hard as what you are struggling with. I find myself struggling internally constantly. On the outside I’m twirling and smiling. Making people laugh while screaming inside. People think that no one else could understand what they are going through but I do. I’m sure I’ve felt it. If we would share our grief and share our pain then it wouldn’t be so hard but we don’t. I’ve realized that our future is dictated by what we are opposed to what we want. We spend our lives acting and pretending like everything is ok. We wear masks and we lose ourselves in this whole charade. We spend so much time hiding from others that we convince ourselves and create this great confusion inside of ourselves.  We are creating unnecesary pain internally. We are fueling the fire inside. If I'm hurting or feeling something I have to get it out in some form. It may be my blog, poetry, song, or venting to a confidant. I still feel pain but I know how to release. I think its important for people to understand that sharing their pain isnt being a burden to others.