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Friday, May 3, 2013

I take you as I can

“I try all things, I achieve what I can.”
―  Herman Melville- Moby Dick

How ironic is it that I associate this story with you now?
How can I not smile when I think of its context and plot?

I allowed myself to sink in the notion that one day you’d feel for me

I entertained such a childlike dream to the point of belief

Now I’m left with the self inflicted grief

I look in your eyes and I’m lost for what seems like hours

You are my enigma

All I long for is to feel your hands on me and to hear your voice

I want to listen to you for hours on end…days on end

I want to soak up everything you are willing to share

If hope is the biggest maker of slaves then it made me a slave to my own heart while seeking yours

I had hoped you would think of me at some point during your day or night

That those thoughts would make you smile

I’m left with certainty that I am nothing but a person to you

A conversation to kill time when you decide you want to kill some

Truth is I’ll take it

I now have the wisdom to know better

I only lack the gumption to stop

I’ll always respect your “conquest”

I’ll just adore you from afar and take you as I can

I’d give anything in this world to know someone ever felt such adoration for me and all that I am

It may have been my appearance, charm or any other trait some suitor saw in me but never all of me

Everything about you is amazing and you know that

The fact that you withhold it may be painful to me but it’s beautiful at the same time

You are like a favorite classic in a historical library

I can hold you and study you but you’ll never be mine