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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tricky Heart

Sometimes our hearts are thirsty. There is a need within it to feel emotions that we seem to have left in our past. It's in those rare moments that someone walks into our life with similar needs and we begin to converse. Our hearts continue to whisper words of "fate" and "destiny" to our mind in hopes that it too will jump on this opportunity. You see the heart is a selfish creature and I've learned to outsmart it over the years. Call me jaded? Maybe. I know that euphoric feeling is only temporary. I'm a simple girl with honest words. Nothing special and rare. I'm OK with that. We build these fairy tales inside and when we get weary we quickly cast people into the roles hoping they will live up to our impossible expectations. The greater the love...the greater the tragedy when it's over. This is precisely why two dreamers can't coexist. Oh but you know greatest fear is living with "what if". It taunts me with it's reverse psychology. Tricky heart. I am no fool.